Oppn indulging in politics of deception, Chamling alleges

April 8, 2019


Mining (Rangpo), 07 Apr: Sikkim Democratic Front president, Chief Minister Pawan Chamling, today held forth that Election 2019 presented the electorate here with an easy option of choosing the optimism and empathy presented by the SDF or the negativity and spite espoused by the Opposition. The Sikkim Krantikari Morcha was clearly in his sights as he expressed hope that the people decide in Sikkim’s favour and give continuity to development, peace and security.
“It has not been easy to bring Sikkim to its present state, but we worked hard and had to constantly battle negative forces and divisive thoughts of the Opposition which has increasingly behave as Political Terrorists,” Mr Chamling said while addressing the eighth day of his election campaign which arrived here at Mining Ground, Rangpo. The campaign meet was organized for the four constituencies of Martam-Rumtek, Khamdong-Singtam, West-Pandam, and Timi-Namphing.
Addressing a huge gathering of party supporters from the four constituencies, Mr Chamling reiterated that this was an important election for Sikkim and that his party realized this and was approaching it with even more seriousness.
“Two ideologies are clearly in contest here; the Opposition driven by anger and hate and SDF promoting amity and unity,” he said.
The SDF, he said, was formed with the aim to serve Sikkim and the Sikkimese and was currently seeing a serious threat posed to the very idea of Sikkim, which, he said, was being picked at by the Opposition which was sowing divisions to confuse and distract the people from their actual agenda.
Towards this end, he urged the people to go through the election manifestos now in the public domain, analyse the track-record of parties in the fray and then ponder on what was good for Sikkim in the long-term.
Mr Chamling also recounted the achievements of the SDF Government over the past 25 years and stressed that every decision of his government was motivated by the desire to serve the interests of the Sikkimese people.
He accused the Opposition of indulging in the politics of deception and called on the people to remain on guard against such subterfuge.
Apart from what is included in the party manifesto, Mr Chamling also made several announcements for the four constituencies today.

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