Nima Lepcha confident of winning from Martam-Rumtek

Gangtok, 07 Apr: Nima Lepcha, the Hamro Sikkim Party candidate for Martam-Rumtek constituency in East Sikkim, believes that HSP is playing a crucial role in the elections. Speaking with media-persons while on his door-to-door campaign today, Mr Lepcha, 55, also expressed confidence that he will secure a good number of votes. “My campaign is going strongly and youth from different political parties have come forward to support my candidature and HSP,” he said. Mr Lepcha is contesting from among the more congested constituencies which has six candidates in the fray along with him. Apart from SDF and SKM, BJP and Congress have also fielded candidates here and there is an independent in the mix as well. His strongest contest will clearly be against Minister DT Lepcha of the SDF and SKM’s Sonam Tshering Venchungpa. The constituency had gone to SKM in 2014. Asked about the challenge he faces, Mr Lepcha said he does face any serious contest against him since the SDF candidate is contesting from two constituencies and that has resulted in a lukewarm response to him and SKM has not been able to generate much traction in the constituency. Asked about his programmes for the constituency, Mr Lepcha said that if elected, he will not only work for the constituency but also address the overall problems faced by Sikkim. He stated that the programmes included in the HSP manifesto were well thought out and apt for the state. “I am taking forward the election manifesto promises to the people during my campaigning,” he said.