Democracy in danger under SDF, says Bharat Basnet

Gangtok, 08 Apr:

President Sikkim Pradesh Congress Committee and LokSabha candidate, Bharat Basnet today stated that if the Central government does not keep a check on regional parties in Sikkim, the State could become like Jammu and Kashmir.

The central government has not paid great attention to internal matters of the State, since it is a small state but this has also given a free hand to the regional party ruling the State to do as it likes, endangering democracy itself, he added.

Addressing a media conference today, MrBasnet said that the people of the state need not worry about development and welfare as it will be taken care of by the centrebut they should worry about the threat posed to democracy by the “corrupt regional party”.

At the same time, he also blamed the centre’s lack of interest in the State for allowing the ruling party to commit ‘daylight robbery’. Money from corruption is being used by SDF in this election, he alleged.

MrBasnet further said that the CM has been accusing the SKM president, PS Tamang [Golay] of being involved in murders and other violent acts, however, being the Home Minister, the CM should also explain why no action was initiated if such heinous crimes were committed in the State.

“We have submitted many memorandums to the Governor seeking action but have got no reply so far,” added MrBasnet.