With garbage dump still simmering, Kpg struggles with waste

April 24, 2019

Kalimpoing, 23 Apr:

The garbage dump at Bhalukhop which serves the disposal Kalimpong’s waste has been grappling with a fire since 12 April, a dangerous situation which has rendered it incapable of receiving more garbage. Although the fire has been brought largely under control, it continues to simmer.

Bhalukhop villagers inform that the fire was set by “antisocial” elements. In the latest instance, firefighters have been at the spot for three days trying to put off the fire completely, but the dumpyard continues to smolder.

What is more, this is not the first fire at the dumpyard. Villagers inform that this is the fourth such blaze there.

Meanwhile, the town is getting swamped with uncollected garbage. The last time that the municipality disposed garbage from town was ahead of the elections held on 19 April. At present, the garbage is dumped near the municipality office.

The problem also looms large at the hospital.

Superintendent, Kalimpong District Hospital, Dr Ankan Simlandi, stated that he has informed the Kalimpong municipality chairperson, Rabi Pradhan, about the increasing waste collecting at the hospital.

Mr Pradhan explains: “We got a call from dumping ground saying that there is a huge fire on the night of 12 April. We immediately sent our councilors with other villagers to the spot with two fire-brigade units and after seeing the ferocity of the fire we sent back up of more than 20-30 local water tankers. The fire was brought under control by 7 in the morning, but even though we are constantly trying we have not been able to extinguish the fire completely.”

Garbage will be taken care of once the fire is completely put-off, he adds.

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