Stakeholders finalize concept of Lepcha shrine at Statue of Unity complex

Gangtok, 07 May:

The concept and design of the first Lepcha shrine to be constructed at the Statue of Unity on MG Marg was finalized in a meeting conducted by the Pang Lhabsol Celebration Committee [PLCC]on 05 May.

A press release from the committee informs that Bongthings perform rituals every year at the Statue of Unity and since there is no proper shrine, it was felt that a permanent one should be constructed both for prayers as well as for academic purposes.

There was some delay as the Lepchas worship nature and some felt that there should not be a definite shrine, at the same it was also felt that in days to come when there won’t be many shamans and practitioners of the tradition,the whole system can be lost and as such there was the need to have a symbolic manifestation of the Lepcha shrine, the release mentions.

The first brainstorming was done in 2017,followed by another one in Kalimpong in 2018 with at least four concept drawings being prepared and used as reference.

The concept with all the requisite components/elements was adopted unanimously by all present in the meeting.

The responsibility of overall process of research, consultations, logistics for the shrine was undertaken by vice president PLCC, Tseten Lepcha, general secretary PLCC, Namgyal Lepcha and general secretary PLCC, OngdenTshering Lepcha with active support from all other members.

PLCC president, T Lachungpa presided over the meeting which was attended by Bongthings, scholars, representatives of Lepcha associations, teachers and students.