SKM meets in Namchi, expresses confidence it is forming next Govt

Gangtok, 09 May:

A coordination meeting of the Sikkim Krantikari Morcha’s South District unit was held at Namchi community centre on Thursday.

The meeting was chaired by the party president, PS Tamang [Golay], and attended by working president, MP Subba, advisor PT Lucksom, senior vice-president Bhojraj Rai and members of the district working committee and SKM candidates from South District.

An SKM press release informs that leaders and party workers placed their views and suggestions. One of the demands aired was for the government to undertake an official investigation into Sikkim’s increasing population and work towards its control.

The release alleges that the SDF government suppressed many SKM workers in South District and even put many of them in jail. These party workers were felicitated by the SKM party president today, the release informs.

Mr Tamang thanked the South District administration for giving the party permission to conduct today’s meeting in the community hall.

“I moved forward with the call for change on 21 December 2009 and now the change will take place but it is unfortunate that some party colleagues have passed away without seeing the change they fought for,” he said.

Mr Tamang alleged that the Chief Minister abused SKM party and its workers during the election campaign but SKM workers did not allow that to affect them and hence the election took place in a peaceful manner.

He alleged that SDF party has already started making a list of people it wishes to “victimize” and added that this was a futile exercise since SKM will form the next government. The “exploiters” should stay ready with packing, he added.

Mr Golay announced that SKM Ministers will use Scorpio vehicles and the more expensive Fortuners allotted to Ministers will be transformed into ambulances and the CM’s official residence, Mintokgang, converted into a Cancer Hospital while the SKM CM will live in a “simple bungalow”.

He further announced that SKM workers will not get involve in any unrest or violence after the elections and that if anyone instigates any trouble, SKM workers will catch them and hand them over to the police.