No politics of revenge in SKM Govt: Golay

Gangtok, 14 May:

Sikkim KrantikariMorcha has reiterated that it will form government this time and announced a number of changes that it will bring about after it comes to power.

SKM president, PSTamang[Golay] has said that his party will not indulge in politics of revenge after it comes to power. SKM will end political victimization of government employees and misuse of Vigilance police for political vendetta, he has said.

He made the announcements while addressing a gathering at

Borong-Phamtam GPU under Barfung Constituency today, a press release informs.

He also said that VidhayakBhavan in all constituencies will be established, where MLAs need to spend at least 15 days every month at his/her home constituency to execute public works.

MrTamang also said that there will be no post poll violence and they will maintain peace after counting. “If any of our workers practice non-violence than party itself will handover that worker to police,” the release states.

The other changes he announced are:

  1. End of party flag politics where all party flags will be removed from houses of general people. Party flags shall only be allowed to hoist at residences of leaders and party offices.

  2. No more misuse of public money for purchase of luxury vehicles. CM will use Scorpio brand vehicle.

  3. Vigilance department will functionindependently, genuinely corruptpeople will be investigated by this institution without any political pressure.

  4. No discrimination on Government benefitdistributions. We will give utmost priority to Gram Sabha so that needy people will be benefited and there will be end of nepotism in developmental works.

  5. No more service extension. This system is freezing cadre based/timely promotion of junior rank officers. Also disturbing new employment vacancies, as such SKM government will stop service extension policy.

  6. Will end misuse of public exchequer. No more misuse of public money for leisure of Netas.

  7. Free entry of CBI in Sikkim. CBI shall be given permission to investigate 25 years of rampant corruption by SDF leader and its regime.

  8. No more politics of revenge. After elections we will not discriminate common people on ground of political affiliation.

MrTamang was accompanied by SKM candidates,Ganesh Rai, Lobzang Bhutia and party executives.