Hamro Chahri to build ashram for Sikkimese in Mumbai

Gangtok, 15 May:

A meet and greet ‘bhetghat’ programme was organized here at Nepali Sahitya Parishad Bhawan byBasiBiyalo today. The event was attended by delegates of Hamro Chahri, Sakul Singh Rai, Swastika Chettri and Kamal Singh from Mumbai, along with other members of Basi Biyalo.

Hamro Chahri is an offshoot of Basi Biyalo and an initiative launched in Mumbai which focuses on solving personal and social issues for the people of Sikkim and neighbouring hills who are residing in Mumbai.

Addressing the gathering, Swastika Chettri said, “Cities like Delhi and Kolkata have a bhawan for people of Sikkim and neighbouring hills, but being one of the biggest cities, Mumbai doesn’t have one and people face various problems there. We have been helping people from Sikkim and other areas for a long time and we have planned to construct an ashram for the needy ones there in Mumbai.”

Speaking further she said, “The construction of the ashram along with the registration of the organization is supposed to happen by August this year. We have got support from the neighbouring hills and we hope for the same from the people of Sikkim.”

The delegates are on a fifteen-day schedule organizing forums around Sikkim and neighbouring hills.