Take pride in Sikkim’s progress, says Governor on State Day

Gangtok, 15 May:

Governor of Sikkim, Ganga Prasad has extended warm greetings and good wishes to the people of Sikkim on the occasion of State Day 2019, a Raj Bhavan press release informs.

In his message to the people of Sikkim, the Governor has said,“I convey my felicitations andbest wishes to the people of Sikkim on this historic day, which we celebrate as the State Day. The state of Sikkim became a part of the largest democracy of the world on 16 May, 1975. The journey so far has been fruitful and fulfilling.

Despite having geographical and connectivity constraints, Sikkim has managed to emerge as one of the best all-round performing States in the country within four and half decades of becoming a part of the Indian union. Today, Sikkim stands tall and is working with even more zeal and enthusiasm to emerge as a model state in the country.

The State Day is a joyous occasion when we recall with pride, enthusiasm and satisfaction, the multifarious and significant achievements made by the State during the past years. It is a day for introspection as to what we have achieved so far and to evolve a strategy to achieve our much desired status of a prosperous and advanced State for a secured tomorrow. We have to look back and take pride in the progress we have made. This can be attributed to the collective effort of Sikkimese people.

On this auspicious day, let us also remember our leaders who were the architects in ushering democracy in the State and those who strived hard to create an environment that reflected the aspirations and the identity of the people of Sikkim. We have to fulfill the dreams envisioned by our founding leaders by making an agenda for the future. It should be an outline that helps the people of Sikkim to constructively and positively contribute to the growth and development of this beautiful Himalayan Organic State and also contribute to the process of Nation building, at the same time.

Sikkim is a true example of national unity, integrity and patriotism. Since the past few decades, the tiny Himalayan state has seen a major transformation, ranging from agriculture, tourism, health, education, mode of communications (air and road connectivity) and other key sectors. Sikkim has been able to make its presence felt not only in the country but also in the outside world.

I appeal to the students, youth, women, farmers and workers of the State to be creative and open to the new opportunities provided by the Government. There are plenty of opportunities, which must be harnessed.

On this happy occasion, I once again extend my greetings to the people for their personal well-being, happiness. Let us work in unison to take Sikkim to greater heights of progress and prosperity. I congratulate all the award winners. May your success today inspire others to work hard and contribute more towards Nation building.”