SRP congratulates SKM; Open to merger if new govt delivers

Gangtok, 26 May

Sikkim Republican Party, while extending congratulations to the Sikkim Krantikari Morcha for having been voted into government, also announced that if the SKM succeeded in delivering on its promises and genuine equality then SRP would also be open to the idea of merging with SKM.

Addressing a press conference here at the Press Club of Sikkim today, SRP president KB Rai underlined that his party respects democracy and democratic processes.

“We respect the decision of the people and are thankful to them for the support they have extended to us,” he said.

Mr Rai added that SRP had planned to field more candidates but the strict scrutiny process left six of its candidates unable to contest.

Meanwhile, he stressed that SRP’s main agenda was genuine “equality” among the Sikkimese and wants community councils to be established in the State to pursue and deliver this agenda.

“If the new government succeeds in doing so then the SRP would raise its hand for unification of the two parties in the coming days,” he said.

He also commended SKM for achieving what other political parties have failed to do in the past 25 years.

While recognising that change was a natural phenomenon, he hoped that this new chapter in the political history of Sikkim proves beneficial for the State.