ASGEA thanks Govt for 5-day working week gift

Gangtok, 28 May:

All Sikkim Government Employees Association [Group C & D] has conveyed its best wishes and congratulations to the new State Government led by Chief Minister PS Tamang [Golay]. The association has also expressed gratitude towards the CM for declaring a 5-day working week in Sikkim. The Golay Government, it may be recalled, in its first policy decision, had announced all Saturdays as holidays for government offices and schools.

Addressing a press conference here this morning, ASGEA general secretary, Rapden Bhutia, said, “All employees are very happy and feeling honoured for this big respect shown to government employees by the CM without even a demand having been placed for it.”

On behalf of all employees of the government departments and PSUs, he expressed gratitude to the State government and especially the CM for this declaration and stated that this was in the interest of employees.

On the same, Mr Bhutia appealed to all govt employees to work sincerely and honestly during the office hours, now set from 10 AM to 4:30 PM - to provide the best service to the State and its people.

“As the government has been working to take Sikkim to new heights of the development, it is the equal and collective responsibility of all employees to contribute to this process and provide the best service to the people of Sikkim,” he said.

The State Government notification announcing the 5-day working week regime explains that all Saturdays have been declared holidays “to provide ‘care’ and ‘cure’ to the Government employees.”

The notification also warns that “strict action” will be taken against those not found in office during working hours.