SIBLAC extends support to new Govt

Gangtok, 28 May:

Sikkimese Bhutia Lepcha Apex Committee convenor, Tseten Tashi Bhutia, today announced that the organization would "support the new Government till it shows results."

The focus of the SKM Government, he said, should be to uphold the sanctity of Article 371F and protect it against any dilution.

Article 371F of the Constitution which accords Sikkim a special status within the Indian Union, Mr Bhutia said, needs to be understood and respected and protected since it provides protection to all Sikkimese.

“All the political rights of the Sikkimese Nepalis are secured in this Article. The leaders must talk about it and try and get it secured,” he said, while stressing that the special cover provided to Sikkim by the Article should always be upheld.

"The sanctity of Article 371F must be respected by the centre, the state and the political parties," he said.

He also stressed that IAS, IPS and IFS officers posted in Sikkim must be made aware about the Article “so that everyone knows what and who are the Sikkimese people.”

He also stated that government and parties must not misuse Article 371F.