SDF CONVENES CEC MEET TO REVIEW ELECTION RESULTS Now is the time to give Sikkim the Opposition the p

Gangtok, 02 Jun:

A review meeting of Sikkim Democratic Front party was held at the party head-office here at Indira Bypass today. The meeting, which was chaired by the SDF President, former Chief Minister Pawan Chamling, thoroughly reviewed various weakness and issues of the party related to the recently held elections in the State, informs an SDF press release issued by its general secretary [press & publicity], Amber Rai.

Earlier, the party president was accorded a warm welcome by SDF party workers and office bearers who had come in from all over the State for the first meeting of the party since it lost out to Sikkim Krantikari Morcha in the elections.

The release informs that in his address, the SDF president stressed that the people of Sikkim have not rejected the party but given the responsibility of delivering Sikkim an effective opposition after 25 years.

He added that because the SDF received the highest number of votes among all parties in the recently held election [even though these resulted in fewer seats], the responsibility shouldered on the party was even more onerous.

The party and its workers and office bearers need to realize the uniqueness of having been voted into Opposition with a mandate higher than even the winning party and stand firm and effective in the new role given to it by the people of Sikkim.

He remarked that the future of the State will always remember the tireless efforts of the SDF government of 25 years in leading Sikkim firmly on the path of the development.

“Like the Gupta era is considered the golden age of India, the history of Sikkim will take the 25 years of our governance as the golden age for Sikkim as the people got respect and found the path to prosperity due to continuous works of SDF,” he said.

He added that Sikkim earned a prominent place in the world due to the contributions of SDF government and added that the peace and security in the State has been possible only due to the positive and innovative leadership of SDF party.

On the same, he said, “We have to feel proud on being the workers of SDF party.”

He encouraged the party workers not to get intimidated by the vandalism targeted on them by the ruling party and to strongly oppose it.

He mentioned that SDF, which has provided peace and security to the people of Sikkim for 25 years, also has the power to check the post-poll violence which is trying to break the peace and security of the State.

He stressed that SDF should unite the people to give real meaning to people’s power.

He added that police stations and courts were for the people and would always remain open to them. He urged the gram and zilla panchayats and councillors to continuously work in the interest of the people of Sikkim by following the principles of SDF party.

He also commented that the recently elected government in Sikkim was a weak government and the alternative to SDF was not SKM but SDF itself.

He asserted that people’s rule, progress and peace of Sikkim and democracy should be maintained in the State.

He also reassured that he will remain in active politics for another 15 years in the interest of people of Sikkim and called upon party workers to move ahead with more energy and dedication.

Media reports also quote Mr Chamling as commenting that the party lost the recently held Assembly elections due to "complacency".

The release informs that the meeting was also addressed by former Minister and MLA, DT Lepcha. The meeting was conducted by general secretary [administration] Amos R Lepcha and concluded with vote of thanks by CEC secretary, Aruna Mangar.