Joining of OFOJ candidates during Model Code of Conduct cancelled

Gangtok, 03 Jun:

The State Government has directed that the appointment of all “One Family One Job” candidates who joined while the Model Code of Conduct was in effect be withheld and cancelled.

A Circular issued by the Commissioner-cum-Secretary, Department of Personnel, on 31 March requests all Secretaries that the “joining of all candidates appointed under One Family One Job scheme alongwith those candidates appointed on temporary basis (Muster Roll, Adhoc, Contract, Workcharged etc) who have reported for duty after the enforcement of Model Code of Conduct i.e. after 8-3-2019” be immediately withheld and cancelled.

The DoP has directed that the list of such candidates alongwith their appointment orders be submitted to it by 10 June 2019.

The Circular observes that many Departments had accepted OFOJ candidates while MCC was in force and argues that this was in violation of the norms of the Election Commission and points out that “the concerned department or officer would be liable to be penalized under the established norms of the Election Commission of India.”

11,772 youth were handed over appointment letters under the OFOJ scheme at a Rojgar Mela held at Paljor Stadium here on 12 Jan, 2019. As per the latest circular of the State Government, several of these appointees reported to their new jobs as late as two months later by when the Model Code of Conduct had come into force. The coming days will reveal just how many OFOJ appointees are affected by the latest decision of the State Government.