SDF legislators to boycott Assembly till Golay is CM

Party considering challenging CM’s appointment in court: Chamling

GANGTOK, 03 Jun:

Sikkim Democratic Front president and former Chief Minister,PawanChamling, today stated that SDF legislators will not participate in any Assembly session until PS Tamang [Golay] remains in the post of Chief Minister. Citing the verdict of the Supreme Court in the case of former CM of Tamil Nadu, Late Jayalalitha in BR KapoorVs State of Tamil Nadu case in 2001, he stated that Mr Tamang does not have any right to be the CM even for a single second as per the verdict of the Supreme Court in this case.

Speaking with media persons this afternoon, Mr Chamling stated that SDF legislators walked out from the Assembly after attending the swearing-in ceremony as Mr Tamang is not a member of the Legislative Assembly and does not have any right to become the leader of the house.

As per the decision of the Supreme Court, MrTamanghas been disqualified from holding any constitutional post, he said. Speaking on not participating in the Assembly session, he stated that as the government has been formed in an illegal manner, all proceedings and decisions of the government will be illegal and unlawful.

Responding to media queries on slogans against him being shouted from the visitor’s gallery in the assembly, Mr Chamling termed the incident as an attack and murder of democracy. This is the first time something like this has happened in the history of Sikkim and the State Legislative Assembly, he added. He said it was “undemocratic and a heinous crime”.

“In the assembly session, except for legislators no one else is allowed to speak or express their thoughts and strict discipline is followed. The situation created by the SKM supporter in the Assembly proves that not only Sikkim but the State Assembly is also not secure. This is totally an undemocratic act and SDF strongly condemns this act of SKM,” he said.

He mentioned that the government has to run as per the law and the constitution so it is the responsibility of the government to take action regarding this incident.

Responding to queries on the decision of the Governor to appoint Mr Tamang as CM, Mr Chamling stated that the Governor did this using the powers provided by the Constitution.

“I do not have anything to say on the Governor’s decision. However, it is up to the party to challenge it in court and we are considering that option,” said Mr Chamling.

He stated that the role of the opposition is not limited to debates inside the Assembly but it has equal responsibility outside the Assembly as well.

“We are a responsible opposition but we would not want to participate inside the Assembly as this government is unconstitutional as per the verdict of the Supreme Court and so we took the decision as per the law,” he said.