Chamling writes to Speaker seeking action against Assembly hecklers

Gangtok, 06 Jun:

Sikkim Democratic Front party president, former Chief Minister Pawan Chamling, has written to the Speaker seeking “immediate necessary action” against those involved in heckling him from the visitors’ gallery of the Legislative Assembly on 03 June while the Assembly was in session.

The petition states, “As the leader of the opposition party, SDF and being the senior most Member of the State Assembly, the unfortunate incident which took place during the Assembly session on 03 June was highly objectionable, condemnable and against the very spirit of parliamentary democracy.”

The letter highlights that the power to maintain order in the House and upholding dignity and decorum, was vested in the Speaker on whom also rested the responsibility to “protect the rights and interest of every Member of the Assembly irrespective of their political connections or affiliation.”

“As per the tradition, practice and procedure in the Assembly, the permission to attend the Assembly proceeding for the guests or visitors who are seated in the gallery of the House are provided with the recommendation of the respective Members of the House and with the due approval of the Speaker," it is added.

He insults hurled from the visitors’ gallery on 03 June, Mr Chamling states were “defamatory, indecent, unparliamentary and totally inappropriate.”

“The sole object of such illegal act committed by the said persons was to intimidate, threaten and humiliate me and the other Members of the SDF party. It is obvious that this entire act of illegality was pre-planned by the SKM party,” the letter adds.

The petition points out that the entire incident was witnessed by all present in the House and must also have been recorded in the CCTV of the Assembly.

“In view of these facts and circumstances, I request the Speaker to take immediate and appropriate action against all the said persons or culprits who have indulged in such illegal act and have shown total disrespect to the very sanctity and decorum of the Sikkim Legislative Assembly under the rules and relevant provisions of law, the petition added.