LTVC urges SKM Govt to restore 15% job reservation for L-T

Gangtok, 05 Jun:

LimbooTamang Voluntary Committee [LTVC] has urged the new Government torestore reservationfor Limboo&Tamangin Government jobs from 13% to 15%. According to LTVC, despite repeated directions from the Ministry of Tribal Affairs, the previous government failed to take action on this issue.

In a press release, LTVC has said that reservation in Government jobs for Limboo and Tamang was originally 15% but had been reduced to 13%. The Committee had written to the Ministry of Tribal Affairs regarding this which had forwarded the grievance to the Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions and Training.

On 04 June, LTVC president, YehangTshong received an acknowledgment letter dated 24 May, 2019 from the Ministry of Personnel.

“The communiqué' from Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Personal and Training states that the Ministry only deals with reservation in posts & services under the Central Government and issue related with LT (ST) communities is totally a State subject. Hence matter has been returned to Ministry of Tribal Affairs (MoTA),” the LTVC release informs.

LTVC has said that it is sad and disappointing to know that although previous State Governments received so many directions from MoTA still the State government did not comply with the orders of Central Ministries and avoided solving this issue.

“LTVC is hopeful that the newly formed State Government and DoP will comply with the orders of MoTA& SJE&W Department and take the appropriate steps to resolve all the issues raised by LTVC pertaining to Limboo&Tamang Communities of Sikkim at the earliest,” the release states.