SICA condemns social media allegations of fund scam

June 21, 2019

 Gangtok, 20 Jun:

Sikkim Cricket Association [SICA]has condemned a Facebook post by SKM Media Online on 20 Jun, 2019, that accused the association of siphoning of Rs 10.8 crore. The association has also reported the matter at Sadar Thana and asked for immediate action.

The Facebook post read, “Biggest Scam in Sikkim Cricket Association on 15 Apr, 2019 during SDF govt. received a payment of Rs 10,80,00,000 from BCCI but this money has disappeared in thin air.”

In a press release, SICA has said that this kind of irresponsible social media posts without any truth not only harms SICA but the name of Sikkim at large.

“SICA since 2016 has been a very transparent organisation and we will continue to do so without fear or favour. The amount of Rs 10,80,00,000.00 (ten crores eighty lakh) has not disappeared in thin air but rather it has become concrete in our safe custody. We urge everybody not to play politics with sports bodies like SICA. Infact SICA is one of the states that have been actively coordinating with Anti-corruption unit of BCCI to prevent any wrong doing,” the association has said.

It has further said that all information with regard to payments made by BCCI to State associations are on the BCCI website (

The BCCI is currently under the supervision of the Supreme Court appointed Committee of Administrators (COA). The COA of BCCI has been tirelessly working to make BCCI a transparent and efficient organisation. Likewise, all payments of the BCCI aboveRs 25 lakh are uploaded in their website monthly, the release states.

“In the month of April 2019 number of payments above Rs25 lakh was made by the BCCI and Sikkim Cricket Association was one of the beneficiaries. It is a great achievement on the part of SICA to be LODHA Commission compliant and achieve the status of one of the very few states in the Northeast to receive such a huge amount. The amount of Rs 10,80,00,000.00 (ten crores eighty lakh) has been credited to SICA account on 15 Apr, 2019. This amount is for Game Development of Cricket for the state of Sikkim,” the association states.

Game development includes training, fitness, tournaments, camps, professional fees of Coaches and Support Staff, Uniforms, etc.

“Today SICA is one of the finest State Cricket Association in the country. The BCCI has always supported the current administrators of SICA, who have been tirelessly working with great dedication and honesty for developing cricket in Sikkim. Government of Sikkim has also been supportive and encouraging the game of Cricket,” SICA further adds.


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