CM was not prepared for NITI Aayog meeting, alleges SDF “SKM running government on social media”

GANGTOK, 20 Jun:

Sikkim Democratic Front today said that the Chief Minister, PS Tamang [Golay] turned up for the NITI Aayog meeting without any preparation and only criticised SDF in such an important meeting. Instead of placing programmes and roadmap of SKM government for the people of Sikkim in the recent NITI Aayog meeting,the highest policy making institution of the country, the Chief Minister just made allegations, the party has said.

Addressing a press conference here today, SDF spokesperson, MK Subba alleged that the CM failed to show any programme, policy and roadmap for Sikkim and its people in the meeting.

Mr Golaycriticising the Industries bill makes no sense since he was the Industries Minister of the State when the bill was placed and passed in the State Assembly in 2003.

“The speech of the CM was also contradictory. He said that centrally sponsored schemes have been implemented well in the State but then he alleged that no work has been done in the State,” he alleged.

Mr Subba stated that if SKM government claims to have inherited an empty treasury and is unable to run the government then it should step down as SDF has 15 MLAs and can run the State.

He also criticises the ongoing meeting of the CM with Union Ministers without any written representation and memorandum on State issues. The CM should be able to place issues of the State strongly at the Centre and NITI Aayog, he added.

On the same, he alleged that SKM is running the government only on social media.

Mr Subba demanded that the CM place the objective of his recent meeting with leaders of ShrimoniAakali Dal to the people of Sikkim. He asked if it was regarding the issue of Gurudongmar Guru Sahib in North Sikkim.

Mr Golaybecoming the sixth CM of the State has also uprooted Article 371F from the State. This is dangerous for the future of Sikkim, he said further adding that SDF has been consulting constitutional and legal experts on this issue.

Regarding the shouting of slogans against the former Chief Minister in the State Assembly on 03 June, Mr Subbaalleged that the Speaker has failed to take any action so far on the incident.