SKM counters SDF allegations of ‘political terrorism’

Gangtok, 27 Jun: Sikkim Krantikari Morcha has strongly condemned the Sikkim Democratic Front allegation that SKM was been spreading political terrorism in the State. This is in response to the SDF announcement that it will file an FIR against SKM Minister Sanjit Kharel for having made threatening statements against the SDF president, former CM Pawan Chamling. SKM today asserted that it was not terrorising anyone and that this was an attempt by SDF to create fear in the minds of the people and defame SKM. An SKM press release contends that SDF has “totally misinterpreted” a political statement made by Minister Kharel and misrepresented it to suggest a physical threat. The release states that SDF was making a big issue of a small matter and reminds SDF of the overtly threatening speeches delivered by Mr Chamling against opposition leaders and supporters on the campaign trail. The release alleges that the political terrorism was not started by SKM and argues that it was started around 27 years back by SDF with attacks on the press, political murders, unfounded allegations and character assassinations which were common acts in the SDF government and party. The release also adds that the SKM government will investigate allegations of scams in MGNRGEA during the SDF government.