White Paper on State’s finances will expose shocking scale of misappropriation by SDF Govt: SKM

July 3, 2019

Gangtok, 02 Jul:

Sikkim Krantikari Morcha spokesperson, Jacob Khaling, today informed that State Government will be tabling a White Paper on financial liabilities on the State Government and loans taken by the SDf Government during the Budget Session.

He announced that the White Paper would present proof that the State has a debt of more than Rs 8,000 crores.

He was responding to claims of Sikkim Democratic Front spokespersons at a recent press conference that Sikkim has a debt burden of Rs 6,000 crores, the lowest in the entire North-East Region, and not Rs 8,000 cr as SKM has been claiming.

The SKM spokesperson also countered that the per capita loan burden in Sikkim was the highest.

Mr Khaling further informed that 95% of the work on the White Paper has been completed and that the document will be ready for tabling during the budget session which is scheduled to begin on 29 July.

He claimed that the White Paper will present the entire account of works of the SDF government of the past 25 years and that this White Paper was a documentation of the liabilities on the State and loans taken by the earlier government from different institutions.

On the same, Mr Khaling urged the SDF president, former CM Pawan Chamling, to attend and participate in the budget session during the presentation and discussions on the White Paper. The SDF, it may be recalled, has said that it will boycott the Assembly until PS Tamang [Golay] remains the CM.

He further informed that the State government will also take out a second White Paper.

Similarly, SKM spokesperson, Sonam Venchungpa, alleged that substantial funds have gone to only 1% of the population and contented that the SKM Government was endeavouring to find out where the money has gone and who were responsible for mis-utilisation.

He added that the State government would take account of the people’s money and place its findings among the people. Mr Venchungpa stated that the revelations of the budget session will be shocking for the people given the scale of misdeeds and misutilisation by the previous SDF government.

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