GMC seeks people’s support to address urban woes

Gangtok, 03 Jul:

Gangtok Municipal Corporation Commissioner, Hem Kumar Chettri, has appealed for people’s support and cooperation in solid waste management in the GMC area. He stressed that it was the collective responsibility of all stakeholders to maintain a clean Gangtok.

Addressing a press conference here today, Mr Chettri stated that GMC has been doing a tremendous job of maintaining cleanliness in Gangtok and has already bagged several awards in recognition of its hard work.

He further stressed that it was now a bigger responsibility for GMC to sustain this work.

In this regard, he urged Gangtokians to cooperate with GMC with share ideas, suggestions and support on how to keep their respective areas clean.

Mr Chettri stated that solid waste management was a burning issue for Gangtok now and while stating that the situation has improved, it still needs the cooperation and support of all stakeholders to be more effective.

He mentioned that GMC has been following directives of the National Green Tribunal on solid waste management and also strictly complying with directives included in the State policy for solid waste management.

“GMC is very serious about solid waste management and we need equal participation of the public to resolve this issue,” he said.

The GMC Commissioner mentioned that rampant dumping of garbage on the roads was another serious issued before the GMC.

GMC has 25 trucks collecting garbage every day along designated routes. He added that despite its concerted efforts, Gangtok continues to witness irresponsible dumping of waste along the highway.

“This is not just been spoiling the beauty of Gangtok, but it is also against the dignity of GMC workers who have been working hard to keep Gangtok clean,” he said.

The Commissioner appealed that people segregate degradable and non-degradable waste at source and handover to the GMC collection vehicles.

“We are appealing to the people to support the GMC and if the situation does not improve in the near future, we will be compelled to take strict action,” he said.

He informed that the GMC will identify the worst affected areas and install surveillance cameras to identify those behind such dumping and take strict action.

He said that house owners will be held equally responsible if their tenants are found to be dumping garbage.

“If anyone has space and wants to make compost from their degradable wastes then they can come to us and we will to provide them all support in this initiative,” Mr Chettri added.

While stressing the zero waste concept as the only solution to contain garbage, he mentioned that GMC was soon convene a meeting with the scarp dealers to collect recycle and reuseable materials to support the zero waste mission.

The Commissioner informed that GMC has been working to make all its facilities and services available online. He mentioned that trade license renewal was going on online and garbage fee has also been linked with the process.

He added that in the next phase all other services of GMC will be computerised.

He informed that dead parking of vehicles at different parking areas was also a challenge for Gangtok.

In this regard, he urged the people to support GMC in solving the parking problem of Gangtok.