No SPG cover for former CM, DIG-Range clarifies

Gangtok, 04 Jul:

Sikkim Police has weighed into the exchange of claims and allegations between SKM and SDF over claims and allegations surrounding suggestions that SDF president, former Chief Minister Pawan Chamling, has been provided SPG security cover.

The two parties, it may be recalled, had made this a major bone of contention and the chatter at press conferences and online was clearly of enough import for Sikkim Police to “enquire” into the matter and the DIG [Range], Sonam T Bhutia, upon completion of police enquiry, today informed that no SPG cover has been provided to Mr Chamling by the Ministry of Home Affairs.

As for his security requirements, two Personal Security Officers and a section of IRBn have been deputed to Mr Chamling, the DIG-Range informed.

As for the confusion over SPG cover, it had all begun with a former Minister being quoted in media reports as claiming that SPG security had been provided to Mr Chamling. This was echoed by SDF functionaries are different press briefings as well and had been condemned as false by the SKM.

Speaking to media persons this evening, the DIG-Range first clarified that Special Protection Group security is provided only to current and former Prime Ministers of the country. He added that no other person is entitled to get the SPG security.

He added that Sikkim Police enquired into the matter “thoroughly” and two persons were found with arms and were called for the questioning yesterday.

He added that during the questioning, it has been found that the duo were from Palwal district in Haryana and were not with any security service. They stated that they had been employed for security of the former CM.

The DIG informed that they had license to carry a .32 Cal pistol for self protection and did not have license to protect others. He mentioned that they were brought for questioning yesterday and that they left the State early this morning.