By-election math in favour of SKM continuing in office: Golay

Gangtok, 07 Jul:

Sikkim Krantikari Morcha president, Chief Minister PS Tamang [Golay], today contended that the by-election mathematics was in favour of SKM continuing in office and underlined that for Opposition Sikkim Democratic Front, forming the government in Sikkim after the by-election was a mathematical impossibility.

Addressing the “Day for Mother Earth” function at Namchi today, Mr Tamang pointed out that with two legislators from SDF and one from SKM winning from two constituencies each, the Assembly strength was now 16-13 in favor of SKM.

“We need to win one seat to continue in government while SDF requires four to be able to form the Government,” he pointed out, adding, “Since only three constituencies are going in for by-elections, there is no way that SDF can form the government.”

“You work out for yourselves what scenario can unfold,” he joked.

He also dispelled aspersions that an SKM government, because of its current strength in the Assembly will not even be able to pass the budget.

“Of course we can,” he said, reminding the people that the budget session was scheduled to begin on 29 July and the facts on the matter will be clear then.

Meanwhile, the by-elections have thrown open a host of possible scenarios in which the assembly composition could remain unchanged at 17-15, or tilt even stronger in SKM’s favour and there is also the chance, should SDF win all three by-elections where the Legislative Assembly gets tied at 16-16, a scenario which could lead to a possible re-election since no party would have majority.