OMAS petitions Govt for Sikkim Artists Protection and Guarantee Bill

July 10, 2019

Gangtok, 09 Jul:

Organisation of Musicians and Artistes of Sikkim [OMAS] has decided to petition the State Government to pass Sikkim Artists Protection and Guarantee Bill for the welfare of artistes in the State.

OMAS will be organizing a signature campaign on 13 July at MG Marg from 10 am to 5 pm for the introduction and passing of the Sikkim Artists Protection & Guarantee bill in the State Assembly.

In a press release issued today, OMAS has mentioned some key features of the bill like fixed income for artists and artisans of Sikkim, market economy for artists of Sikkim where they can showcase their talent on national and global level, etc.

With an aim to provide a permanent solution to all stakeholders in creative fields across the spectrum, it was decided by the general body and executive committee of OMAS that Sikkim urgently needs a law to empower, protect and hone our Sikkimese artistes engaged in creative field spanning different sectors, the release states.

“The need was felt particularly for those who earn a living through creative arts. In view of a near absent ecosystem for artists in Sikkim this bill can not only create platform but also give every artist a blanket protection of dignity and security,” it is further stated.

OMAS has urged the government to look into this bill positively andthanked all artists, creative individuals and citizens for supporting the petition. It has also appealed to all artists and citizens to support the campaign by signing the petition on 13 July.


1) Fixed income for Artists and Artisans of Sikkim. 

2) To provide employment based on passion towards a progressive creative society.

3) To protect traditional art and culture of Sikkim.

4) Assure benefits and platform to entrepreneurs who are passionate about event management.

5) Artists of Sikkim will be given exposure trips on a national and international level. 

6) Assure market economy for the artists of Sikkim where they can showcase their talent on national and global level. 

7) Ensuring a basic system of payment to Sikkimese artists working in productions shot in Sikkim.

8) Allocation of a certain budget for artistes.

9) Providing space or galleries for display of art and handicrafts of Sikkimese artists.

10) Providing amphitheatres for artists particularly in the field of Music, Fashion and Dance.

11) Relaxation of taxes in the entertainment field.

12) Setting up of a semi-autonomous body for artist of Sikkim.

13) Encouraging and equipping film makers with the required technology.

14) Special discount for Manan Kendra for Sikkimese artists.




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