Minister directs NHPC-BRO to mend Dikchu-Mangan road

Dikchu, 10 Jul:

Roads & Bridges Minister, Samdup Lepcha, accompanied by ADC(N), Somnath Adhikari, SP(N), SG Bhutia, AEE, BRO, Rajat Agarwal, General manager (Incharge), NHPC HEP Stage V, S Khatwa, Forest department officials and Panchayats visited the landslide spot on Mangan-Dickhu highway today.

The Minister directed NHPC HEP stage V and BRO officials to carry out protection work on the highway road and RCC bridge which is in critical condition. He assured all support from the state government.

The BRO and NHPC HEP stage V officials informed that they will start protection works within 5-7 days as they need to bring materials and it may take 4–5 days to manage all the required materials, inputs, machines and staff.

A landslide near the Dikchu RCC bridge (Dam Site HEP, NHPC Stage -V) towards Mangan has damaged 50% of the road formation and the road can collapse any time as rainfall continues.