SKM’s minority government cannot pass budget, says SDF

GANGTOK, 18 Jul:

Sikkim Democratic Front spokesperson, MK Subba today said that the Sikkim Krantikari Morcha government with only 15 voting legislators [minus the Speaker]is a minority government and cannot pass the budget. He further added that even if SKM government passes the budget, it cannot allocate or use the budget for any work.

Addressing a press conference here today, the SDF spokesperson said that the Governor can call the budget session but a minority government cannot pass the budget. If the budget is passed then SDF can approach the court, he added.

SKM government is just an interim government and SDF can propose a no-confidence motion, said Mr. Subba.

He mentioned that SDF has filed a PIL in the Supreme Court against the appointment of PS Golay as CM to save politics from getting criminalized. MrGolay should resign from the post of CM on moral grounds, he added.

Even after forming the government, SKM’s mentality is still the same and they continue to indulge in violence, he alleged.

Criticizing the recent statement of the Chief Minister where he had compared himself to Nelson Mandela, Mr.. Subba said that Nelson Mandela sacrificed everything in his life for his country and people while Mr. Golay has been jailed on corruption charges.

He further alleged that instead of fulfilling promises made during elections, the SKM government has only been criticizing SDF and its programmes.

“SKM should either write SDF’s biography or start fulfilling its promises made to the people,” he said.

On the issue of Sikkim’s debt burden, he said that the SDF government had taken these loans by following the official process for the development of Sikkim and its people. SKM should start working instead of repeatedly raising this issue, he added.

Speaking on the white paper on the financial condition of the State that the SKM government will be tabling in the Budget session, MrSubba said that taking out white paper is routine work of the government and more than 100 white papers were taken out during the SDF government.

He also criticized SKM for celebrating Student’s Rights Day and said that it was very unfortunate to connect innocent students with violence for political benefit.

Kranti should be in the DNA of the political party and leaders as it cannot be cut and paste, he said further adding that SDF is the only party which took Kranti to the grassroot level due to which Pawan Chamling became the longest serving CM of the country.