AgriSecy summoned to explain irregularities and malpractices in Deptt

Gangtok, 19 Jul:

The Agriculture Secretary, it is learnt, has been summoned to meet the Chief Secretary "after seeking appointment as soon as possible" with regard to "irregularities and malpractices" in the Agriculture Department.

A letter from the Joint Secretary to the CS dated 10 July, while requesting the Agriculture Secretary to meet the CS, reminds him that a Sikkim Unemployed Agriculture & Horticulture Graduate Association delegation had met the CS on 02 July and had submitted a memorandum to him.

The memorandum, the letteradds, was recommended to the Agriculture Secretary "with clear directions 'no deviation will be permitted' in the appointment of HDOs, ADOs, VLWs."

The letter then gets into the Agriculture Secretary's failure in submitting his tour programme to the Chief Secretary even once throughout the current financial year.

"Your presence is mostly known from newspapers and social media," the JS writes.

Also selected for criticism is the Agriculture Secretary’s, “without understanding the pros and cons," giving "ample time" to a Joint Director of NITI Aayog [a "D.S. level officer"] and his colleague recently "which was also published with photographs in a local newspaper."

The letter stays with this topic, adding, "As if this is not enough, you took the same set of officers to the Chief Minister at SammanBhawan, same evening without bothering for standard protocol."

"Needless to say, it was not considered necessary for them to call on the Chief Secretary, which is normally the case," the letter concludes.