LTVC wants govt to initiate LT seat resolution process during budget session

Gangtok, 24 Jul:

Limboo Tamang Voluntary Committee has requested the SKM Government to begin the process of securing reserved seats for the LT community during the upcoming budget session itself.

And LTVC press release states: “LTVC would like to request SKM led govt to initiate the process by raising the LT seat reservation in this up coming Budget Session and keep their given promise to LT communities. LTVC knows it will take time to resolve the LT seat issue but initiatives for basic process must start at the earliest.”

The organisation has reiterated its demand that the State Government withdraw the Burman Commission Report forwarded by the previous government and also the 40-seat proposal by it. LTVC wants LT seats to be worked out from the existing 32 legislative assembly seats.

The organisation has also demanded that all stakeholders be involved in the matter “to come out with conscious solution for LT seat reservation in SLA.”

It also wants the SKM Govt to pass a new formula on LT seats, have it endorsed by the Legislative Assembly and then “send the proposal at centre as full and final solution for LT seat reservation in Sikkim Legislative Assembly.”

“It's time for SKM led New govt to prove their sincerity towards their given promise to LT communities for LT seat reservation in Sikkim Legislative Assembly,” the release underlines.