SDF accuses SKM of wasting Budget Session on allegations instead of discussing plans for development

Gangtok, 04 Aug:

Sikkim Democratic Front today accused the Sikkim Krantikari Morcha Government of hoodwinking the people of Sikkim with misinformation and distracting them from real issues by devoting the budget session almost entirely to blaming the previous government.

An SDF press release issued today by its spokesperson, JB Darnal, underlines that the Budget Session should have been about discussing sustainable development of Sikkim, explaining how the State Government intends to meet the basic needs of the people and setting the course for economical, social and educational development of the State.

The SKM government, however, went in the opposite direction with a “pre-planned conspiracy” of trying to discredit the achievements and development achieved by the people of Sikkim during SDF’s term in office, the release rues.

The release has also taken issue with the RMDD Minister, Sangha MLA Sonam Lama, alleging that the SDF President, Pawan Chamling, when he was the Chief Minister, had accused him of being an antinational.

Apart from question why the Sangha MLA was raising the issue now, the release also comments that the timing was raising doubts about the intention behind the RMDD Minister’s comments.

The release also accuses the SKM Government of casting doubts on the successes and awards received by the previous SDF Governments for the implementation of several schemes and projects as excuses to cover up for its own failure to carry on the execution and delivery managed by SDF.