HSP “disturbed” by Sikkim-Darjeeling merger talk on social media

August 7, 2019

Gangtok, 06 Jul:

Hamro Sikkim Party has shared it is “disturbed” by talks of Sikkim-Darjeeling merger circulating on social media of late.

Sikkim’s merger was actually an annexation which was then justified by the 35th amendment to the Constitution of India and then by the 36th amendment which granted Sikkim special status, the party has said in a press release issued today.

This was done to satisfy the international community because of laws that were international in nature, as Sikkim had a treaty with the Government of India which governed all interactions between the two, the release adds.

“In view of this, any unilateral move by the Centre to again change the status of Sikkim would be akin to opening enquiry and scrutiny into these conditions as dictated by international laws. The party feels that it is a situation which does not suit the Centre nor the state at the present juncture and cautions the Central Government that the people of Sikkim shall not accept any such unilateral moves, and will oppose it,” the release adds.

The HSP would also like to assure the people of Sikkim that the party shall not stand back and watch if any such move is contemplated either by the Centre or any other vested interests, HSP has reiterated.

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