Convention planned to offer direct interaction between C&D employees and CM

Gangtok, 12 Aug:

All Sikkim Government Employees Association [Group C & D] has announced plans to hold a state-level convention of government employees in September next month. The convention is expected to have the Chief Minister PS Tamang [Golay] as the chief guest. The main objective behind the convention is to convene a direct interaction of group C & D employees with the CM, the association informs.

This has been decided during the coordination council meeting of the association held here on Monday.

The meeting was attended by executive members and representatives of all 14 sister associations of the ASGEA.

Addressing a press conference here this afternoon, ASGEA general secretary, Rapden Bhutia, mentioned that such direction interaction and convention of C & D employees with the CM has never been held in Sikkim in the past.

He stated that the association had placed many issues with the previous government as well and while work was done on some issues, many matters were still pending. At the proposed convention, various pending issues and grievances of group C and D employees of the State will be placed directly to the CM, he added.

Mr Bhutia said that the date and venue have not been fixed yet and that same will be finalized soon as per the convenience of the CM.

The association has also decided to felicitate the CM for the many decisions taken in the interest of employees.

There should be appreciation of works done by the government in the interest of the employees of Sikkim, he explained.

He informed that today’s meeting also passed a resolution to thank the State government and the CM for segregating funds to release salary arrears [following pay revision] in a single installment without the employees having even placed a formal demand with the government.

He said that employees were positive that the notification related to the same will be taken out soon as well.

Mr Bhutia added that today’s meeting also passed a resolution to thank the government for the recently constituted Grievances Redressal Committee to review grievances related to pay revision and to resolve issues.

The association has also thanked the State government on introducing the 5-day work week system in government offices.

Likewise, ASGEA chairperson, Sangay Zangpo Bhutia, appealed to all government employees to reciprocate the goodwill displayed by the State government by working sincerely, honestly and hard for the people during office hours. He also urged employees in public related offices to give the best service to the people.

Responding to media queries, he said it was difficult to even get an appointment with the CM in the earlier government, and that the present government and CM by contrast were much more accessible to the people and employees.

He alleged that the voice of employees never reached the top in the previous government and that employees were working in a free environment now.