SPYF to launch statewide movement to protest defections

Gangtok, 16 Aug:

Sikkim Progressive Youth Forum [SPYF] has announced plans to launch a “strong state-wide movement” against the recent defection of Sikkim Democratic Front legislators to Bharatiya Janata Party and Sikkim Krantikari Morcha.

The organisation has demanded that the defected legislators resign immediately for breaking the trust of the people and for disrespecting the people’s mandate. In what is being planned as a series of state-wide activities, SPYF will begin with a mass protest rally on 18 August in Gangtok.

Addressing a press conference here today, SPYF member Shankar Sharma argued that the mandate of the people has been overlooked in the recent political development in the State.

He pointed out that people are considered the most powerful in a democracy and people use their right to choose their representatives to work in their interest. He added that the people brought SKM to power and kept SDF in the opposition in the recent elections. However, he due to defection, a party which received hardly 1.62% of the votes cast has now become the main opposition party in the assembly.

Mr Sharma alleged that horse-trading of legislators after elections without the consultation and knowledge of the people was disrespectful of the people’s mandate and a direct attack on their democratic right.

He also stated that the election process was an expensive undertaking and took a lot of hard work, both of which are wasted when the people’s representatives do not respect the people’s mandate. If they are to continue conducting themselves in this manner, representatives might as well be selected through tender or auction.

He reiterated that SPYF found the latest conduct of the legislators completely unacceptable for the people of Sikkim and hence the protest.

“We have decided to take our movement ahead through the Citizen Forum against defected MLAs. It is an open forum for all to come together. Our movement will continue until these MLAs resign on moral grounds,” Mr Sharma said.

He appealed to all people and organisations which respect democracy to join this movement to save democracy and to secure due respect for the people’s mandates.

He asserted that these legislators do not deserve to be the people’s representatives any more or enter the legislative assembly.

Another SPYF member, Rupen Karki, mentioned that the political parties make promises to the people in their campaign, but after the results are declared, take selfish and self-centred decisions.

He asserted that the latest defections disrespected the people’s mandate and said that people were left confused due to recent political developments in the State.

On the same, Mr Karki reiterated the demand that these legislators immediately resign for disrespecting the people’s mandates. He argued that the hopes and aspirations of the people have been betrayed by these political leaders. He added that these leaders have played with the sentiments of the people of Sikkim.

He appealed to the people to join the mass rally in the capital on 18 August and asserted that to display anger and reaction only on social media was not enough and that it was time for them to come out on the field in reality.