2,732 SDF MEMBERS JOIN SKM Now Pawan Chamling is left all alone: Golay WILL REINVENT TRANSFER AND AP

GANGTOK, 02 Sept:

In a mass joining programme held at Saramsa Garden today, 2,732 active members, panchayats and functionaries of Sikkim Democratic Front party from different constituencies of Sikkim joined Sikkim Krantikari Morcha. Most of those joining SKM today were from Gnathang-Machong, Namcheybong and Upper Tadong constituencies.

SKM president and Chief Minister, PS Tamang [Golay] welcomed the SDF workers into SKM at the programme.

Addressing the programme, MrTamangexpressed delight at this mass joining happening on the auspicious day of Ganesh Chaturthi.

“Those who joined SKM today are all active workers of SDF who were with SDF for 25 years. So far more than 100 panchayats have joined our party. Today Pawan Chamling is all alone,” said Mr Tamang while welcoming the new members.

Accusing former CM, Pawan Chamling of persistently trying to defame him, Mr Tamang said that justice has finally prevailed.

“Chamling used all his powers to stop me from reaching this position. He jailed me for a case that dated back to the year 1997, and he tried all he could. After lots of hardships and obstacles I have become the Chief Minister and this is all because of the love and support of the masses who voted for me and SKM. I will never betray your hope and trust,” he stated.

Mr Tamang also thanked former SDF MLAs,Em Prasad Sharma and GT Dhungel for joining SKM. They have come to work for the people of Sikkim and people can share their grievances with them, he said.

Stating that the SKM government is only three months and six days old, he asked for people’s support and strength to fulfil all the promises that the party has made.

Mr Tamang said that all MPLAD funds will be utilised in the education sector. He urged all Ministers, MLAs and Panchayats to adopt a school in their respective areas.

He also announced thatPakyong and Sorengwill be made districts and work on this will begin in the next financial year.

Mr Tamang said that the transfer policy under the SDF government was mostly about victimization wherein those that voted in SKM’s favour were sent to remote locations. He said that the SKM government will have a systematic transfer policy to ensure no employee stays in one place or department for more than 3 years. That way, they will have more experience around the State and more departments to learn from, he said.

He added that the retirement policy has been marred by extension which was guaranteed only to SDF loyalists.

“SKM will also devise a proper policy, wherein the unemployed no longer need to run after Ministers. They will get appointed as per their merit and given their age group falling mostly in the 20s and early 30s. Their first appointment will be in remote locations of the State,” he said.

Namcheybong MLA,Em Prasad Sharma andUpper Tadong MLA, GT Dhungelalso addressed the gathering wherein they assured to work hard for their constituencies.

During the program, Mr Tamang also released the song “Jan Un MuktiKoKranti”.