Former UD&HD Minister accused of graft, Minister rejects allegations

Gangtok, 08 Sept:

An audio recording, purportedly of a conversation between former UD&HD Minister NK Subba and a local businessman, has been circulating on social media for a few days now, and today, Suresh Prasad, the other voice in the recording, alleged at a press conference that the Minister had pocketed around Rs 1.20 cr in graft from Lall Bazaar shopkeepers on promises of providing them shop-fronts of their choice.

The phone conversation which has since gone viral, was a discussion about the same deal, he alleged.

The Minister, he added, did not deliver on his assurances and was not returning the money either.

The Minister, meanwhile, has countered that the allegations were baseless and politically motivated.

Pointing out that his accuser has proferred no proof to back his allegations, he has countered that a proper investigation be launched into his motivations and intent.