SRM condemns trend of defections

September 12, 2019

Gangtok, 11 Sept: 

Sikkim Rajya Manch Party has strongly condemned the current string of defections which has seen leaders and party workers party defecting in droves from Sikkim Democratic Front into other parties. Citing the recent defection by SDF MLAs, SRM has expressed deep concern over this trend especially when people elected on the ticket of one party switch sides after elections.

“Defecting and switching camps to ruling parties by elected members has been happening every five years in Sikkim’s electoral politics, but not being able to stay in opposition even for three months after running the government for 25 years is something that has happened for the first time in the history of Sikkim,” said RN Chamling, the SRM Party president. 

Terming the defections as manifestations of vested interest, Mr Chamling, through a press release, stresses that defection was great betrayal of people’s mandate. 

SRM Party denounces such leaders who play with the emotions and aspirations of the people and sell themselves to meet their self interest, he states.

In the meantime, he has appealed to the people of Sikkim not to give up hope and remember that there is always a next time for the electorate.

The party has also cautioned “political merchants” to refrain from playing with the future of Sikkimese people and called on the people to keep a close watch against attempts to dilute old laws damaging the traditions, peace and harmony of Sikkim.

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