Sikkim Aakraman FC demands apology from SFA Targeted by SFA for boycotting Santosh Trophy camp: Sikk

Gangtok, 12 Sept:

Sikkim Aakraman Football Club has strongly condemned the disciplinary action taken by Sikkim Football Association [SFA] against the club, its coach and three players. The club has alleged that SFA has taken this harsh disciplinary action against the club because it raised its voice against SFA and took a strong stand with Football Players Association of Sikkim [FPAS] to boycott theSantosh Trophy camp.

The club has denied the involvement of its coach and three players in the manhandling of the referee on 10 Sept.

Sikkim Aakraman FC has also decided to write to All India Football Federation and Football Players Association of India on the matter.

Addressing a press conference here today, Sikkim Aakraman FC vice-president, Karma PhintsoWangdi stated that SFA has targeted the club for its decision not to release its players for the Santosh trophy camp. He alleged that SFA had threatened to take action against clubs that refuse to release players.

Stating that there is a process to be followed while taking any disciplinary action, MrWangdi alleged that SFA has not done this.

“First the matter should be investigated and then show cause notice should be served. An internal committee has to be formed to listen to both sides before taking any decision,” he said.

The match commissioner has to forward the matter to the association but the match commissioner was not present during the match, he added.

“We have a 25-member squad and because of this personal enmitywith the club, SFA has banned the entire club. Where will the rest of the 22 players go?” he questioned.

Sikkim Aakraman FC president, JigmeeSingeyRinzingWangchuksaid that the ban was unfortunate and unfair.

Many severe attacks and assaults have taken place in the recent past but SFA never took such severe action against any club or player till date, he stated.

MrWangchuksaid that the club has been facing problems due to the referee’s decisions from the start of this season. The match in question, held on 10 Sept, was a crucial match and the referee gave wrong decisions under pressure, according to him. Dissatisfied by the referee’s decisions, supporters of the club had a scuffle with the referee, he added.

He said that clubs have been spending lakhs to prepare good teams but a single decision of the referee can take the club out from the title run.

“All clubs have been repeatedly requesting SFA since many years to upgrade our local referees and to provide exposure to them or to bring referees from outside for smooth running of the game but SFA has declined our request every time saying it does not have enough money to do that,” he said.

On behalf of supporters, the club officials have apologized to the referee for the incident and stated that it was nothing personal but was only against the decision.

MrWangchuk clarified that the club has nothing against local referees but wants them to improve with more exposure.

Instead of supporting players the association has wasted the future of 22 players and crushed the hopes of the club to play I-League, he added.

Accusing SFA of defaming the club, Sikkim Aakramanhas demanded a public apology from SFA. He also alleged that by imposing a fine of Rs. 30,000 on the club, SFA has arranged the prize money for the league which is Rs. 25,000.

Coach, MrKarthak stated that the allegation against him is a first in his career.

“I have been targeted for repeatedly raising my voice to bring better and experienced referees from outside,” he said.