Speaker rejects Nawin Kiran’s petition seeking disqualification of 12 SDF MLAs, for now

Gangtok, 24 Sept:

The petition filed by Nawin Kiran Pradhan seeking the disqualification of 12 Sikkim Democratic Front legislators who have defected to Bharatiya Janata Party and Sikkim Krantikari Morcha has been rejected by the Speaker, Sikkim Legislative Assembly.

A letter to Mr Pradhan issued on Monday informs him that no materials or records pertaining to the joining/ defection of the MLAs to other political parties, their acceptance etc have been received thus far to determine the petition in juxtaposition to those documents.

Mr Pradhan has been informed that the petition was filed at a premature stage thus stands rejected at this juncture.

On the same, Mr Pradhan commented that the rejection has painted a dark day for democracy in Sikkim and “proven that SKM is worse than SDF.”

He further stated that he was not going to let the matter rest and will now that his “fight” to the next level. He hinted that he will be approaching the High Court against this order.

Mr Pradhan’s advocate, S Chatterjee, questioned which documents the Assembly was looking for after the defections have been reported all over the media and even admitted by the MLAs in question.

He said that there was now no hope or trust in the House.

Meanwhile, it is informed that the hearing on the matter filed on 29 June 2018 seeking the disqualification of seven Sikkim Krantikari Morcha MLAs who joined SDF in the last term at Sikkim Legislative Assembly was scheduled for today at the SLA. Yesterday, Mr Pradhan had reportedly prayed that both his petitions be heard together and in response, the Assembly secretariat has informed him that the heading scheduled for today has been adjourned “in the interest of justice and fairplay…”

He has further been informed that new dates will be communicated to him “once the necessary requisites in the second matter against the twelve present MLAs are received.”