Passang Sherpa wants voters to boycott BJP, SKM and SDF at by-election

Gangtok, 29 Sept:

Passang Sherpa, who had contested the recent Lok Sabha elections as an Independent from Sikkim and has been a frequent commentator on social and political issued, has appealed to voters to boycott BJP, SDF and SKM parties when they cast their votes at the upcoming by-elections at the three constituencies.

These parties, he argued today, deserved such rejection because they are directly involved in horse-trading.

He alleged that the SKM-BJP alliance and seat sharing was a clear instance of horse trading.

SKM sold two BL seats to the BJP in exchange to have the disqualification period waived for its president, PS Tamang [Golay] to continue as the Chief Minister.

The pre-poll political alliance was a blatant insult to the BLs, he alleged, and urged the Sikkim voters to either choose an alternative or refrain from casting their votes insisting that the main political parties here have sold their soul and morals to serve their petty political interests.

He also threatened to protest on the streets if the situation worsens, adding that Sikkimese people will not accept with BJP’s ideology or its assurances after what they have seen been done to the Kashmiris.