HSP condemns by-poll violence

Gangtok, 11 Oct:

Hamro Sikkim Party has strongly condemned incidents of violence reported from on Thursday from Poklok-Kamrang constituency in South Sikkim when an SDF campaign team led by former CM Pawan Chamling was attacked, allegedly by SKM party workers.

An HSP press release issued by its spokesperson, Biraj Adhikari, conveys that Hamro Sikkim Party was “concerned, and strongly condemns, the news of violence which has taken place between two competing parties in the South district, who are contesting the by-elections.”

“The HSP would like to reiterate that it is a party which believes in non-violence and cannot condone incidents of this nature at any cost. The party firmly believes that Sikkim has to be free of violence if the people are to enjoy the fruits of a democratic system, and can stand up for themselves without fear,” the release adds.

It is further mentioned that the party was fundamentally prepared to finish the rule of fear by using violence in the state, and would like to assure the people, that its motto has been to create a better Sikkim, in words and indeed.