HSP RELEASE 7-POINT MANIFESTO FOR GANGTOK BY-ELECTION Bhaichung appeals to voters to reiterate that

Gangtok, 13 Oct:

Hamro Sikkim Party released its election manifesto for Gangtok constituency for the upcoming by-poll here on Sunday. The party has dedicated its seven-point manifesto to the people of Gangtok.

Addressing a press conference here this evening, HSP working president, Bhaichung Bhutia, who is also the party candidate for Gangtok stressed that the by-poll was very important for the people of Sikkim because it offered them a chance to save Sikkim.

He appealed to voters of Gangtok and Martam-Rumtek constituencies, both in East Sikkim, to come forward and cast their votes to save Sikkim and to show that they will not allow Bharatiya Janata Party to enter Sikkim through the back-door.

BJP, it may be recalled, polled barely 2% of the votes in the assembly elections held earlier this year and saw all its candidates lose their deposits. In the recent months, however, it has acquired 10 MLAs in the House after they defected from the SDF into BJP.

HSP has adopted “Sikkim is not for Sale” as it poll slogan, a tagline which has not gone down well with the authorities who have taken down HSP hoardings and banners with this slogan.

BJP is now in a seat-sharing arrangement with SKM which has left two of the three constituencies going for by-elections on 21 Oct.

Mr Bhutia appealed that it was time for voters to convey clearly that such surreptitious acquisition of power despite a clear mandate conveying otherwise will not be tolerated.

Meanwhile, the seven-point HSP manifesto promises to establish a fully operational OPD and Emergency services at the Old STNM Hospital, involve all stakeholders in the Gangtok Smart City project and curb the traffic problem with multi-storied parking facilities and initiating discussions with the Army to open the cantonment road at Tadong for civilian traffic to ease congestion.

The manifesto also promises to create children’s parks and play areas in the city, construct a dedicated amphitheater for events and programs, promote different sports activities during weekends at available infrastructure in and around Gangtok and find a permanent solution to clean up waste and drainage management in some sections of MG Marg.

Mr Bhutia mentioned that HSP was in politics with “clean intentions” for the people of Sikkim and their rights.

He mentioned that the party will not make any compromises when it comes to the interest of the people of Sikkim and with regard to the Constitutional safeguards for Sikkim.

Likewise, HSP spokesperson, Biraj Adhikari, assured that upon winning the election the HSP MLA will work on these issues on a priority basis.