GATC’S Girishto feature with Soulmate in NH7 Weekender

Gangtok, 30 Oct:

Lead vocalist and front man from Girish and The Chronicles [GATC], Girish Pradhan has been invited by blues veterans, Soulmate to feature with them on the second day of Meghalaya edition of a very popular music festival, NH7 Weekender, the happiest music festival, on 02 November.

It is informed that he has been invited by Soulmate to feature with them as a part of their "Soulmate: A North East Blues special" project. They will be performing on 02 Nov, where Girish is scheduled to belt out some Blues in his own signature powerful style.

NH7 Weekender is celebrating its decadal year and this year it is being held in Pune, Meghalaya, Mysore and Hyderabad. The Shillong edition is starting on01 November and the festival will feature international acts such as Marty Friedman [from Megadeth fame], Opeth, Carnivool, Tesseract, alongside various other bands and artists from India. Considered as one of the biggest music festivals in India, NH7 is all set to roll starting November.

Girish and The Chronicles had recently visited Manipur, Hyderabad, Goa and Mumbai, and is currently on the final stages of their album production, set to release in April 2020. The band members Suraz Karki and Yogesh Pradhan, along with Girish Pradhan will also be featuring with the drum legend Chris Adler [former drummer of the band Lamb of God), on his Chris Adler Experience India tour, happening in the month of November.