CM invites comments and suggestions from Oppn MLAs for Assembly to serve people better

Gangtok, 29 Nov:

Chief Minister PS Tamang [Golay] pointed out today that the Legislative Assembly was the house for people’s representatives irrespective of their party affiliation and for them to work for the people. He asserted that the people’s representatives need to work in the interest of Sikkim and its people and assured that their engagement would be sought and supported by the SKM Government.

In his vote of thanks on the last day of the assembly session, the CM rued that the previous government did not allow opposition MLAS to speak freely in the Assembly and that they were even removed from the Assembly for speaking in the interest of the State and its people.

“In contrast, the mantra of the SKM government is not only to change the government but to change the system itself. Every member of the House can speak freely on behalf of the people in the assembly in the present government,” he said.

In this vein, he welcomed the queries and suggestions placed by BJP MLA DT Lepcha today.

The CM further stated that the SKM government has been working to take everyone together to work for the State and stressed that ruling and opposition parties need to work together in the interest of the State.

He also thanked the Speaker, Deputy Speaker and every individual for the successful conduct of two-day long assembly session.

Likewise, in his vote of thanks, Speaker LB Das expressed gratitude towards the Leader of the House and every MLA for the successful completion of the assembly session. He also expressed hope that the Supplementary Demands for Grants passed by the House would fulfill the aspirations of the people.

MLAs DT Lepcha and YT Lepcha also placed their comments today.