SPYF pokes holes in SKM defence of BJP assurances, regrets narrow-mindedness of Pol Secy to CM

Gangtok, 16 Dec:


“Citizenship Amendment Act 2019 is contagious, both for India and Sikkim. No amount of lies, cover ups, propaganda is going to change it. First of all, it has undermined the very foundation of the constitution. Secularism enshrined in the preamble is the foundation of our constitution on which our freedom fighter always stressed upon. India, right from ancient time has always embraced the people irrespective of his country, religion or race. The BJP’s ploy of giving away the citizenships to Hindus migrant of just three countries goes against the humanist culture of India followed since ancient time.”

Sikkim Progressive Youth Forum today poked holes in Political Secretary to the CM, Jacob Khaling’s defence of verbal assurances made by Union Home Minister, Amit Shah, with regard to Sikkim’s misgivings with regard to the Citizenship [Amendment] Act. The youth organization also saw “narrow-mindedness” in Mr Khaling’s attempts to paint SPYF’s anti-CAA rally as being instigated and supported by agent provocateurs from outside the State.

SPYF has gone so far as to say that “ever since the formation of coalition with BJP, SKM has turned autocratic.”

In a press statement issued today, SPYF has countered that Mr Khaling has “hurled baseless arguments” just to “tarnish” the protest held against the CAA in Gangtok on 14 December.

“By viewing the movement through his specs of narrow thinking he has exposed his narrow mindedness,” the SPYF release states while highlighting that “not everyone who speaks in the favor of the common people aspires to become a politician.”

The release also reminds that Mr Khaling was an SPYF supporter when he was in Opposition and even participated in some of its movements at the time.

Now, however, in the “absence of any rational argument to tarnish the protest against CAA he indulged in blatant lies and baseless allegations,” the release states while adding that “his desperation was clear in his words.”

“His desperation exceeded all the limits when he alleged that the movement was ‘sponsored’ just because some students of North-Eastern states had participated in the rally,” the release adds while reminding Mr Khaling that Sikkim University was a central university with students from all over India and that every student had a right to protest here and get heard.

“Only a man, who has no feelings for other sentient beings, hurl words like Mr Khaling did to the students who were suffering due to killings, tortures and arrests of their near and dear ones,” the release adds.

The SKM Government would do well to instead focus on ensuring better protections against CAA for Sikkim.

On Mr Khaling’s claim that Article 371F was strong enough to protect Sikkim, SPYF points out that citizenship comes under central list and there is no provision in Article 371F which can stop the CAA in Sikkim.

“Moreover, an Indian citizen can easily become a voter in Sikkim. So the arguments of Mr Khaling are nothing but a white lie,” the release argues.

The release adds: “Ever since the formation of Coalition with BJP, SKM has turned autocratic. Its administration poses unnecessary restrictions on democratic protests. Even for this protest we had to wait for 4 days and we were made to visit the DAC several times just to receive the license for the protest. In the end our route was diverted. In the past too, we had to face harassments from the present administration just to get the license for the protest.”