SU students reiterate anti-CAA position, appeal against polticising of their position

Gangtok, 17 Dec:

Sikkim University Students’ Association [SUSA] has urged all not to politicise SUSA’s protest against the Citizenship [Amendment] Act. At the same time, the association has also urged organisations and individuals not to do advocacy on behalf of SUSA and Sikkim University students.

The participation of Sikkim University students at the SPYF anti-CAA rally on 14 Dec is being seen as Sikkim Krantikari Morcha as agent provocateurs from outside trying to instigate trouble in Sikkim and SKM’s argument has come in for serious flak from several quarters since then.

Addressing a press conference here today, SUSA president, Mahesh Rai, stressed that SUSA was a non-political organisation and even its constitution restricts students from having political affiliations.

He mentioned that SUSA has been protesting CAA and showing solidarity with students who have been facing brutality and attacks in different parts of the country. He added that SUSA had organized its own protest against CAA on 14 December after which some students of the university had participated in the SPYF rally in the “individual capacities.”

“Our students were neither part of the organising committee nor led the SPYF rally. We have just registered our protest against the CAA,” Mr Rai clarified.

He stated that there was no planning or funding or any instigation from outside to protest the Act.

He mentioned that SUSA and SU students have not participated in any unlawful activity.

Likewise, SUSA general secretary, Nishant Chettri mentioned that Sikkim University has students from different parts of the country and SUSA has been protesting the CAA right since the start.

He mentioned that not only students from Assam but local students of Sikkim were equally represented in the SPYF rally.

“Students from Assam have not been able to return home and register their protest physically in their own state so they raised their voice against the Act strongly in the Gangtok rally,” he pointed out.