Grand Sakewa celebration at Legship

Legship, 27 Dec [IPR]: Sakewa was celebrated in grand manner here at the public ground today with a special event organized by Akhil Kirat Rai Sangh [AKRS].

Area MLA, IPR Minister Lok Nath Sharma, was present as the chief guest accompanied by Jacob Khaling, the Political Secretary to the Chief Minister, as special guest.

The Minister, in his address, conveyed the CM’s greetings to the Rai community and urged all to invest their best efforts to encourage the younger generation on the path of securing higher field of studies which would help them attain a secure future.

He then informed that under the able leadership of Chief Minister PS Tamang [Golay], the state has came up with various initiatives which will be very assistive to those who are ready to work hard to attain their goals and likewise he informed about the various schemes which would benefit the farmers of the Sikkim.

He also mentioned that the demands placed by Rai community would be considered by the State Government.

He maintained that all the communities have equal rights to safeguard and promote their cultural heritage. He expressed that the State Government would remain supportive towards all the communities of the Sikkim and would work for their overall development.

He also asserted that a rock climbing centre would be established at Legship public ground.

Mr Khaling, in his brief address, maintained that the government has created a secular environment for all the communities of the state to practice, promote and propagate their cultural heritage.

Adding that the present state government would never politicize cultural and religious events, carrying political flags to such programmes would be strictly forbidden, he said that such practices should not be entertained considering the sanctity of religious events.

He reiterated that any person capable of leading any social organization could head such organizations irrespective of his/her political affiliation. He further stated that all the communities should be proud of their distinct identity in the forms of various cultural and religious practices and each and every community should be given equal rights to flourish in the state.

He maintained that harmonial co-existence of all the communities of the state together no matter of the cultural and religious diversities is necessary for well being of the Sikkimese as a whole.

Further, while sharing that Rai community leads the population graph of Sikkim and the social organizations he urged for community to come forward for the upliftment of the community. He also stated that the Rai as a community should be united irrespective of his/her religious affiliations for the progress and development of the community, he said.

At the outset, President of AKRS Chandra Khaling floored the objectives of celebrating Sakewa and expressed that promotion and preservation of Rai community's cultural heritage was the main motive behind organizing it as a festival.

He added that Sakewa celebration was also about awaring the young generation about age old customs and culture of rai community. He also placed various demands such as construction of Mangkhim (Rai community's temple) at some places of Sikkim and others.

The celebration saw the various Cultural performance along with the presentation of souvenirs to Chief Guest and guest of honour by the committee.

The presentation of token of love was bestowed by the Minister on Dhurva Kr. Rai and felicitation to PM Chamling, Adviser AKRS, West and to KS Rai, Land donor of Rodungkhin.

Mangpas (Rai Community's priest) performed puja at the venue throughout the day.