Five leaders resign from HSP

Gangtok, 02 Jan:

Five leaders of Hamro Sikkim Party [HSP] resigned from their respective posts and primary membership of the party on Thursday.

HSP vice-president, Anu Bhattarai, general secretary, Prem Karki and publicity secretary, Punya Koirala and HSP candidates in the last election, Rudra Khatiwada for Chujachen constituency and Indra Kumar Suji for West Pendam constituency have submitted their resignation letter to the president of the party.

In the resignation letter, they have said, “We joined the party from the start believing in Bhaichung Bhutia to work for Sikkim and its people. But now his stubbornness and one-sided decisions and his recent communal statement are not in the interest of majority communities of the State.”

The letter further states that such communal and narrow thoughts would not allow democracy to prosper and would further weaken it.