SKM condemns GRC claims of Golay’s interest in Sikkim-Darj Merger

January 11, 2020



Gangtok, 10 Jan:

Sikkim Krantikari Morcha has condemned claims made by Gorkha Rashtriya Congress leader, Bharat Dong, that Chief Minister PS Tamang [Golay] has assured to “take up” Sikkim-Darjeeling merger by the year 2022. Contending that the CM or any other SKM leader has never officially met a GRC delegation and never discussed Sikkim-Darj merger, Political Secretary to the CM, Jacob Khaling, pointing out to attempts by SDF party-workers to make this piece of news “viral,” alleged today that the report might have been planted by Sikkim Democratic Front.

The news-report in question, datelined Kurseong, was published in an English daily on 08 January and quoted GRC’s Bharat Dong as claiming that he had met the CM and while discussing Sikkim-Darjeeling merger, a demand being pursued by GRC, had received the assurance that SKM would take up the demand by the year 2022.

The report had also quoted Mr Dong as admitting that while they had never been able to meet the previous Chief Minister Pawan Chamling with their demand, the present incumbent was more open and accessible not only to meet but also to their proposal for a Sikkim-Darjeeling Merger.

Responding to these claims, Mr Khaling through an SKM press release issued today, dismissed the claims and condemned them as being patently false and mischievous.

He reiterated that neither the CM, nor any member of the SKM leadership had ever met Mr Dong or discussed the merger idea.

Mr Khaling claimed that while the previous CM was inaccessible and forever cordoned behind a layer of security personnel, Mr Tamang was much more accessible and approachable.

He suspects that Mr Dong could have joined the masses at one of the public meetings to greet Mr Tamang and offered him khadas.

But there has been no official meeting, Mr Khaling insists.

He adds that if Mr Dong managed to leave behind his organisation’s memorandum among the many petitions and letters that people leave for the CM, it will not be considered an official communication by either the government or the party.

He states further that SKM has no plans of even discussing GRC’s Sikkim-Darj merger plans and voiced aspersions that the manner in which the story was made viral on social media suggests that SDF played a role in planting the story as well.

“The intent was obviously to drag the Sikkim CM into a conspiracy,” Mr Khaling said.

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