LTVC questions SKM Govt’s silence on LT Assembly seat issue

Time for SKM to fulfill promise: Yehang Tshong

GANGTOK, 10 Jan:

Limboo Tamang Voluntary Committee [LTVC] today said that Sikkim Krantikari Morcha should not forget its pre-poll promise of reserving seats for Limboo-Tamang in the State Assembly and the party’s silence on the issue after coming to power is creating uneasiness within the LT communities.

Addressing a press conference here today, LTVC president, Yehang Tshong stated that LTVC had given time of 100 days to the newly formed SKM government to initiate the basic procedure for LT seat reservation. He added that the organization has also met and submitted memorandum to few SKM Ministers after election and submitted a copy of memorandum that was earlier submitted to SKM president, PS Golay before the election.

In seven months of the SKM Government, Monsoon & Winter Parliament Session has taken place, by-election has been held and many State Assembly sessions have taken place but we have not heard a single word on LT Assembly seat reservation issue inside the Parliament or Sikkim Legislative Assembly, said Mr Tshong.

He added that although the Chief Minister and Ministers and MP from Sikkim have placed LT seat reservation issue in the Centre, they have not provided any formula.

This, he said, is pointless and the State government should make its stand clear with formula in the LT Assembly seat reservation issue.

He informed that SKM MLA, KN Lepcha had placed a private member bill on LT seat reservation from existing 32 seats when SDF was in power and it was supported by another SKM MLA, Sonam Lama.

Now that SKM is in power, the government should pass this formula to reserve Assembly seats for LT from the existing 32 seats, stated Mr Tshong.

He also expressed his disappointment over Lok Sabha MP, Indra Hang Subba not raising the LT issue in the Winter Parliament session.

“Former Lok Sabha MP, PD Rai, had demanded LT seat reservation to be done on the basis of Burman Commission and made SDF party’s stand public. SKM should also make its stand clear,” said Mr Tshong.

He further questioned SKM’s silence on the issue which the party had strongly spoken for before the elections and which had also helped the party to bring ‘parivartan’ in the State.

Mr Tshong recalled that SKM party had also organized meetings and rallies for LT seat reservation issue as Limboo-Tamang seat Arakshan Yatra on 26 June in 2018 which was led by Sangha MLA Sonam Lama and and even promised to resolve LT seat reservation issue 10 days after forming the new government.

“LTVC would like to remind SKM party of their 2019 election manifesto promise that until and unless we do not bring seat reservation for the deprived LT communities in SLA we won’t rest,” he said.

Mr Tshong informed that SKM had also formed a 10-member committee on LT seat reservation in December 2018 but the report of the committee has not been made public till date. He further asked SKM to reveal what steps and action have been initiated, and what formula has been framed and adopted by this 10-member committee.

“LTVC demands that the SKM government address and resolve the LT seat reservation issue at the earliest with formula and pass it from Sikkim Legislative Assembly like they had promised before the 2019 election,” he said.

He added that there should be no problem for SKM as they are in alliance with BJP in both State and Center and even BJP had promised to resolve the LT seat reservation issue in their 2019 election manifesto.