Nepal organizations felicitate Chamling

“Out of power, not out of politics”

Gangtok, 16 Jan:

SDF president and former Chief Minister, Pawan Chamling is currently in Nepal where in the first two days he has been conferred awards by four organizations. On 15 Jan, he was honoured with Kiraya Yalamber Smriti Samman by Kirat Rai Yayokha, a social organisation of the Kirat Rai in Nepal. He was also felicitated by Kirat Rai Vidhyarthi Sangh.

Today, Mr Chamling was felicitated by Geetkar Sangh, Nepal, in recognition of his contributions as a lyricist and poet. He was also felicitated by Nepal Academy, national institution for promotion of the languages, literature, culture, philosophy and social sciences of Nepal, for his contributions to Nepali literature.

While delivering his acceptance address on Wednesday, Mr Chamling thanked Kirat Rai Yayokha for the honour bestowed on him. He said that he has come to Nepal for the felicitation not as a politician but as a family member of the Yayokha and to pay his respects to his fatherland.

Despite political boundaries that separate Sikkim and Nepal, the people of the two countries are united by history, language, culture, tradition and similar struggles, said Mr Chamling.

Stating that politics prevalent in developing countries is not based in ideology and values, he said that such politics has earned politicians a bad name and he is a victim of such politics.

Dwelling on Nepal’s nascent democracy, he said that democracy fails when the people only think about their rights while ignoring their responsibilities. He further stressed that those committed to building society and the nation must never give up.

“I have not given up. I’m only out of power but not out of active politics,” he remarked.

He especially highlighted the good relations between India and Nepal and the need to strengthen the relationship.

He informed that the Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s commitment to solidify the Indo-Nepal relation is evidenced by his personal visit to Nepal last year, and stressed that all the Indian Nepali and the Nepali citizens must work together to further strengthen the relationship between the two countries. The Indian Nepali have an important role to play in ensuring that the friendly bond between the two countries is further solidified.

The programme had Chief Minister of Pradesh No 1, Sher Dhan Rai as the chief guest and was attended by a host of dignitaries that included former ministers, members of Federal Parliament of Nepal, former Ambassador, former Presidents of Kirat Rai Yayokha, amongst others.

In the felicitation ceremony by Geetkar Sangh, Nepal, today Mr Chamling said that to be recognised by a community that has brought music to generations of Nepali speaking people,is one of the biggest awards he has received in his life.

Many other prominent singers and songwriters were also present at the function including Kumar Basnet, Usha Sherchan, Shakti Ballabh, Deepak Jangam, Bulu Mukarung and Satya Swaroop Acharya.

Thanking Nepal Academy for the honour, Mr Chamling talked about Nirman Prakashan, a publishing house he had started when he was young. He said that the house has published works of all the renowned writers and poets both from India and Nepal.

He rued about the neutrality of intellectuals and civil society, which he said, has paved the way for the dominance of opinions by negative elements.

“It’s the duty of the intellectuals and civil society to stand with the truth and have the courage to speak truth to power,” he asserted.

He suggested that the Nepal Academy organize a Biswa Sahitya Sammelan, a global conference to discuss ideas for bettering not only Nepali literature but also the identity of the Nepali speaking people and called for an emotional unification of the Nepali speaking people. He emphasized that “unless we honour our own people, no one else will.”